Island Activities

Below are some of the available fun activities available on Providenciales island, mainly focused around the Grace Bay area :


The formation of the sedimentary Turks and Caicos produced a large intertidal zone along the Islands' southern edge. Guests will see the coastal ecology and oceanic nurseries that are accessible only by non-motorized means.

Guests can also expect to encounter a variety of juvenile fish including Lemon Sharks, Checkered Pufferfish, snappers, Sergeant Majors and Needlefish. Young conch will utilize the prop roots of the red mangrove tree as a form of protection. 

The available kayak fleet features Necky's Manitou recreational kayaks, widely considered the worlds most comfortable sit-inside recreational boat. The double Manitou II comes equipped with a rudder, and a third seat, which can accommodate a toddler.


It was diving that put these islands on the traveler's map in the late 60's and early 70's and it was diving that kick started Big Blue in 1997/98, the Year of the Reef and Ocean. With the world's 3rd largest barrier reef fringing the Turks and Caicos Islands limestone plateau, you are able to explore some of the world's most awesome sheer drop walls. Starting at 45 feet and descending 6000-8000 feet into the abyss, diving here is always a surprise. Eagle rays, sharks and turtles cruise through a reef system abundant in soft corals, gigantic sponges and schooling fish. If you are really lucky even the mighty Humpback Whales may surprise you.

Dive equipment including Cressi-sub masks and fins, Suunto computers, O'neill wetsuits, Sherwood regulators, Aqualung BCD's are available. 


The world's oceans occupy over 70% of the Earth. By in large they consist of massive tracts of barren, lifeless blue. The world's coral reefs are the oases in these aquatic deserts. They are a place for life to gather and teem. Hundreds of millions of years ago the continent of North America, moving through what is today the Bahamian archipelago, dotted the North Atlantic Ocean with pieces of continental shelf that provided a suitable substrate for coral polyp growth. Today, at the southern end of that archipelago, along the edge of the Caicos Bank, lives the world's third largest barrier reef.

While snorkeling the immense barrier reef and numerous patch reefs, guests can hope to encounter, Spotted Eagle Rays, Nurse Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, and a host of Caribbean/Atlantic corals and fish.


Middle Caicos is the destination for hiking and bicycling in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Backwoods tracks and newly paved roads combine with a scenic section of the historic Crossing Place Trail, to provide a customizable mountain bike experience on this sparsely populated paradise.

The Crossing Place Trail links the three villages of Middle Caicos and once provided passage for the slave populations as they made their way to the 'Crossing Place', which was a shallow water sandbar leading to North Caicos. Islanders would wait for low tide and wade between these sister islands.

Today the Crossing Place Trail is home to the country's finest hiking. The portion of the Crossing Place Trail that runs from Danny's Café in Conch Bar to Mudjin Harbor features the Indian Cave formation, and takes approximately sixty minutes.


Kite boarding is offered in a destination renowned for its consistent trade winds, crystal clear, warm turquoise waters by a company known for its innovative reputation in eco adventures that span the width and depth of the TCI and have done so since its inception in 1997.

Kiteboarding is NOT wakeboarding. For those who don't know, all we need to fly is the wind.

The intention is to put existing kiteboarders and kitesurfers in the best spots available around the islands whilst opening to those who have not tried to the possibilities kiteboarding offers.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is nothing new, at least not to the Hawaiians. Stand Up Paddle Boards will open the waters around our mangroves up to the more active minded eco traveler. Much like kayaks the SUPs will allow you to get deep into the mangroves and cruises around the cays with the added advantage of a stable platform that not only provides a great view but also an awesome core work out. If you have balance and fancy trying something different to kayaking, top of the line Naish SUPs will put you in the driver's seat.